Film & Print Scanning

Here at Colourstream we can scan and capture pretty much all kinds of film and artworks. From simple film scans from your analogue camera, repro ready high resolution film scans, digital copies from your small photos or digtal captures from your large paintings, we can handle it in-house.

For FILM DEVELOP & SCANNING, or single scans from 35mm and 120 films we offer package priced ‘D-LAB’ scans at 2 levels.

Standard resolution scans are approximately 4mb per image and High res are around 17mb (depending on film format). Colour scans include basic density, colour, contrast and dust correction. Black and white negs receive a basic density and contrast correction. Retro or 'already processed film' scanning of whole sets of films can also be done at this level.

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For higher resolution scanning of film we create ‘DESKTOP’ scans. These are superior in detail and include full colour and contrast correction and some dust and scratch removal. Suitable for print publication or large print reproduction. Available in 25mb, 50mb or 100mb.



For PRINT SCANNING we offer 2 services.

Up to A4 Epson V750 Pro scans, produce clear, sharp scans for high quality reproductions. For larger quantites we have our ' SHOEBOX PRINT SCANNER'. This is used for archiving large amounts of your family snaps to view on your PC, restoring and reprinting before they fade away, or for creating Photobooks for a family history or occasion.

For digitising large pieces or work see our Artwork copy & Printing Pages


Film & Print Scanning
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